Issue With Created Gecko Eye

Hi there, I’ve just purchased a new gecko and noticed that one of its eyes is slightly shrunken in and bloodshot. At first I thought it may have been to dehydration at first then I noticed a dark red circle in the pupil. I was hoping for some help identifying what this may be and how to treat it. Cheers!

first photo is the eye with the issue and the second is the healthy eye for reference.


Take him to a vet, if it was like this when you got the gecko i would also contact the breeder


Will do, thank you

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Assuming it was from an expo or was shipped, it looks to be a combination of dehydration and rubbing/ putting pressure on it while in the container. Either way you should take him to a vet straight away and contact the breeder


Went to the vet and they reckoned that it was either a neurological condition or a genetic defect with the eye although I’m not entirely convinced. The gecko seems to be completely healthy otherwise and appears to be able to see just fine. Im quite confused


Funny enough someone has a Crestie up for sale with same issue. Apparently it’s something called Coloboma. And should be pet only due to this.
Looking it up it affects the vision.