Issue with Morphmarket - "local" tab

Seems to be an issue (not sure if it’s just me or others as well) with the listings that show up. For mobile(app), I’m just stuck with a loading circle when selecting “local” or even just on the normal listings tab.

When I’m on the webpage for MorphMarket , it does the same thing. but then when I click on the local tab, it loads some listings, but the entire site is very buggy and slow. Plus, it shows ads/listings that when clicked on take me to an “error 404 page not found” page. Any of the listings showing up with odd names and no picture of the snake are the ads i’m referring to below that take me to the 404 not found page.

When I use the site on my desktop, it doesn’t ask for permission to use my location, so it doesn’t ever load “local” listings at all. It just has the loading circle in place with no change to the listings.

I’m not sure if it’s just me that is experiencing the very buggy/laggy site, or others. but thought i’d share.


Woah… hold up!
You have just unknowingly pointed out something very odd out…

I’ll come back to your initial issue here, but can you share the link you used for that second screenshot?

That should be fixed.

Would both of these devices be Apple?

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For the desktop site, that screenshot is off of my windows computer. I’ve got a MacBook I can try to see what happens there as well though.

The app/webpage from mobile are both from Apple devices.

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Still need this link? It does appear that those listings are gone now. Just curious, but what was the other issue I unknowingly pointed out?

Edit, here it is if so.

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No links needed now but thank you :blush: Those listings should NOT have been visible due to the status of the store.

We have an issue we are working on for iOS devices, but your Windows one should be good :thinking: have you checked your computers location settings?

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The same thing is happening to me with the loading circle and all of MorphMaket seem very slow and buggy for me too. just to get to the next page it sometimes takes over a minute


Well, I was going to go and look on my desktop to see if it reacted the same way. (Previously I was on my work computer, so that could have something to do with location I thought, although other websites ask for permission to use location data frequently). But it appears that tab is disabled or no longer there currently.

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