Issue with three of the calculators [1586]

There is an issue with the boa constrictor, short tailed python, and carpet python genetic calculators.
There’s not an issue trying to go through just the inner face where all the genes are. The issue arises when you try to go through an ad

Here is it for short tailed pythons

Here it is for carpet pythons

PS here is it working for the other calculators

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Thank you Riley :blush:
We will have a look at what’s going on.

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@eaglereptiles I believe that would count as three bugs not one :grin:
Believe me I was on and searching for bugs last night, and then I found these🪳🪰 :ant::mosquito::beetle::snail::butterfly::bug::honeybee:

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@lumpy that’s great detailed feedback. And nice use of the image carousals.

I can see the issue already. In those categories, the ads are subcategories but the calc belongs to the parent category. So when it tries to look for a “blood python” calc it doesn’t exist, because it should be using the STP calc.

I will file a bug report for the devs. Thanks.