Issues with the Mobile Version of the Forums

Recently when trying to go on the morphmarket forums via my phone, there’ been an issue. The page will load up, but nothing will show up once it’s loaded. The ‘all categories’ box and ‘all tags’ box shows at the top, but that’t it, and when I click on those boxes nothing loads underneath them. I’ll try to get a screenshot later to show what I mean if the description isn’t enough.

For the most part it’s just a black screen with nothing on it. I’ve tried a few different phones now, it’s the same result. I don’t know if this has to do with the new formatting of the forums or something else, but I thought I would bring it up in case others are having the same issue.

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Bringing this to your attention

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@eaglereptiles would you mind taking a look at this once the OP has provided a screenshot?

One possibility is it has something to do with interaction of themes and the user’s phone being in dark/light mode.


Thank you @burningjay for bringing this up.

I am struggling to recreate your problem.

A screen shot would help a lot!
Can you answer a few questions so I can narrow it down?

  1. What phone are you using where you are seeing the issue?
  2. What browser are you using?
  3. When did this first start happening?
  4. What theme are you using? Light, dark, morph?

I’ll try to post a screenshot later. I’m using an android phone, with google chrome. I’m using dark theme, as it’s the default, and I only noticed this around 3 days ago, as that’s when I first got onto the forums via my phone since the updates.

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I have created a “stock” theme and applied it to your profile.
Hopefully this should fix things while I find the issues origin.

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that fixed the issue actually, just tried it via my phone. I wonder why

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:partying_face::partying_face: Glad to be of service!

Now to find the problem.

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