Issues With “View More” Prompt On Ads [4360, FIXED]

I’m noticing issues with expanding “view more” in ads on the marketplace that have a longer description. Once I click the “view more” option on a description, the screen goes blank. Previously it would redirect to a lower section in the ad with the full expandable description to be read. Now that lower section is not even able to be found on my end by simply scrolling either. Anyone else experiencing this?


Are you on the app or the website? When I click on “view more” now, it no longer redirects to a lower section, just expands the section that the description is currently at. I was just under the impression they got rid of the lower description box.


I’m on the app. Hmm, wonder why when I click on the view more prompt I’m greeted with a full blank white screen and it’s on every ad that has a description requiring expanding.

My phone recently updated nearly a week ago, but I’ll likely check and see if there’s any new update available to see if that does anything for me.

Edited to add that I updated my phone to the latest update and am still experiencing the same issue. iPhone with iOS 16.3


Unfortunately I’m of no help then. I’ve pretty much always used the web version of the site.

I’m wondering with the site being different and changing in the last week or so if they are implementing or tried to implement that change on the app and something went wrong or something? Just speculating.


Thanks for reporting this. It was a very weird bug affecting the iphone app. Should be fixed now.