It’s nice to meet everyone! Longtime reptile enthusiast, soon-to-be owner here…

I’m Adra, from Michigan. I’ve always loved animals of all kinds. I’ve had a wide variety of pets through the years (dating back to earliest childhood), but have never kept any kind of reptile before (despite finding them absolutely fascinating). I’m hoping to get a BTS in the near future, and trying to do as much research as possible beforehand. :slight_smile:

As for me… Well, I’m a huge geek who loves pretty much every stereotypically geeky thing (comic books, sci-fi, gaming, coding, pretty much any form of science…), and I collect dolls and action figures. XD I’m also into fashion and sewing/crafting.

My pets currently consistent of three cats, one dog, and a small flock of small, floofy chickens. :smiley:


Welcome to the community! Everyone here is helpful, nice, funny, and most normal people might even say weird. So you are in good company!:joy:
There is tons of great information on these forums, you can search up just about anything reptile related or you can always make a post and everyone will do their best to help answer any questions! The one thing we expect from everyone is pics! Especially of pets, recently acquired or otherwise! Have a great weekend!


Welcome to our family! I hope that you like it here and get to know some wonderful people…there are a bunch of those on here. We would love to see our current animal babies too lol, we love pictures. Welcome again!


Hey @adra! A very merry hidee hoe to you and welcome to an amazing world of reptilian minded individuals! This is a fun, close knit family where there are no dumb questions and no judgement! Don’t hesitate to jump in any time and update us when you get your BTS! You are also required to own a boa, a colubrid, a BP, a tarantula, a gecko etc. lol! Just joking! But reptile fever is extremely contagious here so beware……. :snake::lizard::spider::frog::turtle::blush::face_with_hand_over_mouth::upside_down_face:

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Thank you all! :smiley: It’s nice to have a place to discuss reptiles and other not-so-fluffy pets—there’s a tragic lack of herp fans in my irl social circles. :sob:

I also have a big interest in animal nutrition and dietary requirements (I warned you I was a geek, lol). Since there isn’t nearly as much in-depth research out there for reptile husbandry as for dogs, cats, horses, etc., I’m very interested in hearing from people who have kept various species on how they choose balanced diets for their animals. It’s certainly easier to find good information than it used to be, but depending on the species… it seems like there’s sparse or conflicting advice online. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

My fur babies:
Hobgoblin investigates a new plush arrival…




You have got some pretty precious little fur babies there! The BYS will fit right in I am sure of it!

Sounds like you will contribute some valuable input regarding reptile nutrition! And you are right, dog and cat nutrition takes precedence over other types.

Great pictures btw! :pray::+1::blush:

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Welcome to the forum! What do you sew?


Haha, I would love a boa or python. <3 Maybe someday! I actually do have plans to get a rhino iggy at some point down the road—I’ve admired them from afar for years. <3

Thanks! I learned to sew by making costumes and clothes as a teen, but these days I make more OOAK dolls (and doll clothes), plush, and soft sculptures. :slight_smile: I love any kind of craft that lets me bring characters or creatures to “life”, honestly!



Here is a link to some info you may like, and welcome to the MM family.

I used to buy rats from them many years ago. But now I have friends that breed rats, and I get them from them now.



Oh, thanks for the link! It’s interesting how different the nutritional content is, even in seemingly similar prey.