It's been 8 Days

8 days, that is, since this sac was identified. (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens)
In a few weeks, it’ll be time to pull it and incubate. Til next time.


Well, today was the day.

And everything went well.

Except for this.

There are a few viable eggs there that might make it to EWL stage, but most of them are dead and dried out, or have some kind of mold on them. She removed her water dish, and built then kept the sac down there, so it appears there was too much moisture in the area and it affected the sac and clutch. It’s also very small, but it’s her first sac, so all these things are under fairly normal circumstances. The rest are in incubation til we see some development or otherwise, in the meantime, it’s on to the next thing!


Kinda disappointing but hopefully her next sac will be a good one. Hoping the good eggs develope!


Sorry that most of the eggs molded and/or died, but I’m glad there were at least a few good ones! I hope they hatch. Your female is gorgeous!