It's happening!

So I’ve just paid in full for my first ball, after 2 years of wanting one! Waiting on the courier to get back to me on dates, so I’m expecting him to come to me within the week.
This is the boy in question, he’s a pastel butter spotnose.
Any tips and tricks for first time Royal owners?


Snakes are sturdy creatures (ok if temps are off for a day or two while you adjust)
Dont bother him for 5 - 7 days after getting him
Handle him starting after that week for 15 minutes, twice a day if you want him to be docile
Tell him he’s a cute snake

What are you going to house him in? Tub, rack, or tank?

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Stunning, warm side,cool side ,2hides one either side 50-60 humidity keep them basics good and you can’t go wrong

@akirby91 I’ve got him in a vivarium, pre-established, the temp is 27C on the warm side and 23C on the cool side which I believe is the ideal range? Also can I ask why he needs the week to go unhandled?

@kiltsnake thanks, I’ve 2 cave-like cork bark hides.
By the way, no matter how much I searched, I never came to a conclusion on the most suitable substrate, so I used some soil and topped it with orchid bark. Is that OK?

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They stress easily it’s a good rule of theme to give 5-7 days without feeding or handling whenever they move enclosures. Just a stress thing.

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D ss oil and orchard bark are fine ,you can make it easier just using orchard bark , ideally you want the hot side 30-33.C and cool side around25.C humidity 50/60% IMO I’d get the temps up as during the night the temps will drop even lower as the house cools down unless you run your heating all night

My normal routine with my 5 includes Fresh water 2-3 times per week, handle 2-3 times per week, recommend not handling on feed days or 24-36 hours after feeding. Whatever your schedule allows, they seem to do well once adjusted to a routine you will do great. Best of luck.

Oh and id tell you to not worry about every little thing but there’s no point because, you will :slight_smile: just try and not drive yourself too crazy if everything isn’t perfect every second of every day.


@thecrawdfather I reckon I won’t be stressing too much, I’ve had a corn snake in the past and currently have a Brazilian rainbow boa.

@kiltsnake I’ll be turning the temperature up a little then, although he’s going to be in a 3ft viv until he grows out of it and worry that too much heat might affect the temp gradient…

Yeah defo turn it up they like the hot end in the low 30s

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