I've seen triple het projects, any triple supers?

I see triple hets are the bees knees these days (rightfully so!). I’m wondering has anyone treated co-doms like recessives and gone after any triple supers?

I only looked for a super enchi super pastel super OD example on MM, but did not see any. Maybe this is the way of the future?

If quad hets are happening, could a quad super be next??

Any examples to share??


Well I’m sure you could at least do a two gene super like a super fire super pastel but once you add to many genes it will just become impossible to tell what it has. Chris Hardwick did a video on how many possible combinations are possible with ball pythons and said that if you add too many genes to a snake it will either become white or too washed out and either some other single color for you to tell what it has.

To mark this point with a specific example: I have, for the past few years, had the potential to make a quad super in my collection but I have very specifically chosen to not pair those animals. Why would I waste my time and my female trying to make a SuperButter SuperOD SuperPastel Ivory Enchi Woma when it is going to look no different from a SuperButter? How would I even know that I had made it? Statistically, there is a very, very slim chance that any white snake I make could be it. But those same statistics stack extremely high on any white snake I make being anything other than what I am trying for. And in the exceedingly unlikely event that I did manage to beat all the odds, while it would be a genetic powerhouse, how would I be able to market it as anything other than a simple SuperButter?


Well, sure you wouldn’t stack supers in the BEL complex or Ivories. Of course you wouldn’t dump genes into all white snakes (unless you have a specific breeding power purpose). I get that part… I also hear you on piling genes just to pile them on. That’s not my point.

But what about something like Pastel, enchi, and OD as a triple super? I think that would be a really clean bright, yellow/orange snake. Also if those were the only genes in the mix, you could identify those as supers pretty easily. Something like this wouldn’t ever make a white snake. There’s tons of genes that don’t make white snakes.


Well if you didn’t do anything in the bell complex or if you used powerful Gene’s like enchi or leopard then sure it could be possible. I could see a super version of a leopard enchi pastel OD.

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Ozzyboids has some superOD superenchi stuff with other genes like pastel and yellow-belly on there so it’s only a matter of time before other supers or act-like-supers like super pastel or highway get added.