Ivory or Highway?

Hi everyone. Hoping for some input and advice on this one. Pairing was pastel special Gravel x lemonblast vanilla YB. It screams Ivory to me which means my male must have been YB.(although it has produced highways for previous owner)

However has anyone ever produced a vanilla super pastel highway or special highway thats ultra light with no black?

Keen to hear your opinions as my hunch is its Ivory but trying to stay optimistic that it could be a highway combo with super reduction in black.


Let it shed and feed a few times before you try to get an ID. Trust me on this, it is going to undergo a pretty significant change in the next month or so


Thanks buddy. I expect some change after they shed so im excited to see how they develop. With the Gravel definately producing highways in the past im struggling to understand what these could be

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Whatever it is, it sure is cool looking!


These two looked like this three days after hatching

And look like this now (about two months post shed)


Thanks for sharing. Can i ask what they are?

I believe they are Freeway Pastel Pin (L) and Freeway Enchi Pastel Pin (R)

They look awesome. And they haveade me feel a little more hopefull for mine. As i said before the male was a proven gravel so they must be highway…i was just surprised at how light they were

The presence of Pastel is what causes them to hatch out white :+1:t4:

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First one to shed

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Would say you definitely produced a highway of sorts. Gravel pastel pin maybe? I’m not sure about vanilla as it might be hard to ID in the combo

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All shed at last. None the wiser but love the way the have tur ed out


Top looks to be at least SuperBlast Pin Vanilla. Could have Special in there. Might also have Gravel or YB, would want to see it in another few months as it pigments up further

Middle and bottom are both Highway and I believe both are also SuperPastel. Middle has Pin, could have Special too, not really sure. I suspect bottom has Special or Vanilla, possibly both

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Thank you for taking a look at them and sharing your thoughts. So happy with how they have turned out and im looking forward to seeing how they develop. Happy to have hit the two highway combos, awesome looking animals :grinning:
Thanks again

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