January 2024 Winners of 2023 Thread!

Hey guys! Yall are crazy, just crazy I tell you lol :joy:. I am shocked that I am still here after 2023. That year has taken it toll on me, and I am looking forward to hopefully a good year that was better then the last :wink:. So here are the winners of 2023 :joy:!

So, without further ado, let’s get this kicked off with the Reptile of The Year 2023!!!

The Reptile of The Year 2023 goes to @creaturesofnightshade!

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The Amphibian of The Year 2023 goes to @akmorphs!!!

The winner of the Ball Python of The Year 2023 is @ballpythonshed!!!


Thank you all that you have added to this community @ballpythonshed! Congratulations!

So the Winner of The Themed Photo of The Year 2023 is @creaturesofnightshade!!!


Congratulations on another amazing photo and win! Thank you again Scarlet!

So the Winner of The Video of The Year 2023 is @wrai!!!


Happy Season 9 GIF by The Office

Congrats everyone! There were a lot of awesome animals posted!


So many awesome photos and submissions. It is always humbling to receive votes when so many great entries to compete with. I missed seeing them all recently due to the loss of my dad and basically ignoring all social media for a few weeks but I appreciate this community for your support of our posts and business and am happy to be back. Jacki


Sorry to here about that. That must be really hard. Great to see you back here though!