Jeweled/speckled racer (Drymobius margaritiferus) questions

I’ve been looking to start a speckled racer breeding project but I’m having a hard time finding good breeder animals, specifically the blue body/copper head coloration (not sure if it’s a morph or locality). This species has been relatively hard to find does anyone know any good suppliers/breeders of North/Central American colubrids that might have these or be able to get them? (captive breed would be best but imported/wild caught seems to be more realistic from what I’ve seen for sale)

Also does anyone know more about the species? I have found a handful of basic care info but nothing specific for breeding or genetics/morphs/subspecies etc.


I saw one in the “Other Colubrids” category on MorphMarket . Did you look at that one?


I did and I contacted that breeder, but as of now I’m still looking for more blue hues. The same breeder had a male posted a little while ago that was pretty close to what I was looking for but that’s the only blue one I’ve seen for sale since I’ve been looking (a few months now)

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If you have Facebook, maybe try making a post in the Rare and Uncommon Reptile Discussion Group.