Jobs/Apprenticeships Opportunities [2580]

I think we are lacking a dedicated page where people who are interested in solely working with reptiles can find work. With everything that is going on, on the hill. I think that being able to show how much these private/commercial breeders contribute to the job market would definitely help. What are your thoughts? I understand that there are programs out there but there not exactly easy to find.


I think this would be awesome. I was searching around for something like that a few months ago but found nothing (especially not near me, being too far from the more dense breeder communities in other states).

There’s plenty of media online to answer a lot of questions, but some questions/tasks have no public answers or guides. Some tasks are best shown in the moment, some questions are best answered when you have the situation right there, or have something to use as a reference in the moment.

Also, some people learn and retain information better with on-hand practice then they do with videos and articles. I know I do!

It’s easier to remember things I’ve actually done before, and trying anything new without an experienced supervision makes me nervous and afraid (depending on what the task is). For questions, I’ve retained information better when I’m able to see the problem, hold the animal or have certain things pointed out, take a photo if I need to, etc. Have done this before at the vet, needed to make sure I remembered the area range that’s good for antibiotic injections, and how to administer. I’ve given enough shots to two different snakes to remember how to do it now, but it took repetition and doing it myself for it to stick.

An apprenticeship or job section somewhere with a thorough application/interview process would be great, but I understand how it could easily become tedious and overly time consuming for breeders. It’d be a good resource for looking up who is willing to and has the time to help and share their experience.

Though everyone also needs to remember that we aren’t entitled to anyone’s knowledge and help. I just believe the community won’t get anywhere/grow well without the help of those more experienced.

It wouldn’t work for everyone but I was hoping to find something like an apprenticeship in the past and even now. I really don’t like emailing or messaging people and risk bothering them if they don’t have the time or are just always flooded with questions. :’)

Edit: that was a lot longer than I thought


This is similar to a idea I noted internally, to add the ability to advertise employment opportunities on store pages. Yours idea is basically the next step and putting them all on a single page also?


Yes, but I also like your idea of everyone having a job listing page on their store profile.