Joining the fam. 😊

Hi everyone, my name is Isaac. I’ve been meaning to drop an introduction for a few days now, but holly days and family parties haven’t allowed it :joy:.
Small story about me:
I grew up around animals, mainly exotic birds thanks to my grandpa that manages their import/export, back in my country, but due to government and BS laws I wasn’t never able to have reptiles, or at least not imported ones. Around 12 years ago I was able to rejuvenated with my dad here in the US and even though I wanted to dig in right away… I had to wait till I moved by myself because of his X’s fears to reptiles :laughing:. But this gave me time to know what I wanted and the conditions needed. Few years later I had my own place and Leopard geckos have been my main hobby, although I own other geckos and a western hognose, I’ve always feel the love for this little ones. Been breeding them for about 6 years now, and have a fiancé that allows me to enjoy my hobby even if it means taking over the main office :stuck_out_tongue:. Hope to one day have an even bigger place than just an apartment office and go full time with my reptiles and my photography hobby…
I guess that sumps it almost all. I’ll drop a couple of link for anyone interested to see my work, and willing to show some support towards another reptile lover :blush:.

MorphMarket Store:
Youtube: Working on it. Photographer with camera shy syndrome :blush:


Hi and welcome to our family! I am so happy for you! I work with cameras too! I work for The Mets during spring training in Florida. Definitely can’t wait to see you around!


Thanks, and that’s awesome, I’m more into modeling and portraits. Just recently thought it’ll be a great idea to introduce it to my reptile hobby. I’ll love to see your work, send me dm on IG.

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It is mostly non-recorded videography so I can’t share it. I do a much more intense version at my church, but same problem it is not recorded. I do practice my photo work with my camera, and have produced some shots that I am proud of. But, yeah, this is my only social. I like the calm, lol :joy:.


Welcome to the community! Feel free to share photos of your entire reptile clan!


Yes, we love to see pictures! I have about two dozen leopard geckos and I love them too. Here is a picture of one of my older babies- Veruca is almost 19 years old:

She’s pretty tolerant of handling and held still very nicely while I took the stuck shed off her toe after I took this photo.


Thanks, I actually have uploaded some of this year’s offsprings, but I’ll post some more recent ones soon

These are some of the latest photos of some of the season 2021, I will take some photos later of my adults later on. Currently own like 30 Leo’s, 3 day geckos, 1 tokay and a western hognose.