Joint/split clutch terms

I’m looking for information on methods of doing split clutches with another breeder. Please save all the warnings and war stories. Im fully aware of the risks and am currently in the process of building a relationship with the person I’m contemplating working with. That is not the type of advice im here for. Specifically the information I am looking for is in regards to terms. Who gets first pick, dividing up the clutch, does the individual value of each of the parents play a role, are there monetary terms put in place etc, etc. I’ve never done a joint/split with anyone so any information and recommendations on how to determine the distribution of the resulting hatchlings would be very helpful. Thank you.


Terms are determined by you and the individual you set up the breeding loan with. Some people feel the owner of the female should get first pick, others feel the owner of the male should get it.

Some people alternate pick for pick, some people express their specific offspring of interest and then sort it out among themselves if there is a conflict. Some people forget that genetics is a fickle beast and set their must haves before the clutch even hatches.

I have done a couple projects with other breeders. I have done the alternating pick and I have done the “of the offspring we hatched, I really only care about this one and that one and you can keep the rest”

Both have worked fine for me, but I have never been at it in a situation where my future plans were in some kind of jeopardy if I did not get a specific combo


It really depends on the nature of the animals being bred as well. I would divide a clutch differently if it was, say, albino x albino, which would produced all albino, than if it was blackhead mojave x blackhead, which would produce a bunch of different stuff. Definitely discuss with the the other person exactly what animal you are hoping for out of the clutch eg. female super blackhead. That will help reduce conflicts when the clutch hatches and only there is only one female super blackhead.