JT Tomlinson House Fire

By now many of you know that our friend JT Tomlinson experienced a fire in his house last Friday, June 12th. In this fire he lost his home and most of his animals.

JT is a veteran and also a great figure in our community. He is a personal friend to MorphMarket, and he was actually the first user to ever login and create an account on our site.

If you would like to support him you can donate directly by sending funds via Paypal to JT@ontheballpythons.com. There is also private auction group raising funds which you can donate to or buy in, but you must be added by one of the admins, which are Mike Brizzee and Heidi Jack Dunlap.

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Thanks for sharing and posting this John. It is an unimaginable experience of loosing not his home, but all of the animals that he has grown and cared for.


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I am sorry to hear that I to had my house burn down last year I lost all of my animals including my dogs many of my animals I had for decades not just the financial loss but emotional my dogs my snake my Tarantulas I couldn’t safe anyone,