Julatten or not?

Hello all!

What do you make of this animal? Typical looking Julatten or way off the mark. Being sold as such but I am not experienced enough to be certain. All input welcome!..


I’m by no means an expert but certainly does looks julatten to me. I have a pair who are similar looking.

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In my opinion it is does look it, but I wouldn’t buy any morelia without a solid lineage chart. You can take a look at the Nick Mutton’s site, http://inlandreptile.com/and compare it to his. I personally would only purchase from a handful of breeders, Julatten from Nick being one (or Eric Burke, but his came from Nick) because they’ve kept track of lineage and been very transparent of all their projects


Did the person selling it produce it? Or know who produced it? If your really wanting that specific locale of jungle i would definitely question lineage, but from examples of this local here in the states it looks like it is, just most would want lineage to prove it. Its a beautiful carpet though…

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To date only 2 people have produced real Julattens, the vast majority came from my breedings, if the seller claims they produced it , you should be skeptical and ask for more information. They vary of course but the snake pictured is within that range of variability, though its a bit unusual.


It says you just joined, so welcome! Hope to see you post around! Would definitely love to see some good information about localities and proper lineage documentation :slight_smile:

It looks similar, but julatten is a locality and not a “morph” so without knowing its lineage to see if its from the proper locality, you can really only know that it looks similar.