Jump start older breeder males?

I have two breeder males, both not that old. Really there third season breeding. They will not bother with any of my girls this year. Any tricks on jump starting them or am I being impatient? Do I need to give them more time?

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I think this might help you out.

Breeding question


Take them for a car ride. Put them in some snake bags, get the car toasty warm and drive them around for a half hour.

  • Cut them off food for two or three months
  • Throw the shed from another male in with them when you pair them up
  • Pop another male and smear the “goo” from him on the back of female you are pairing to
  • Put two males together just long enough for each to realize the other is there and start acting like they will combat and then remove him and put him with the female

Are they proven breeders? I’ve got some older males that won’t lock until the female is ready. I tried all the tricks, which didn’t help in my case with these older males, and then just gave in and let them be and they’ve all bred when they’re ready. It’s still early in the season I wouldn’t stress yet and just keep pairing them like normal.

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Thank you

I figured it’s too early. Yes proven breeders and have bred in the years past. I think I’m just anxious.

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