Jumping spider Breeding! 🕷️

I’ll be happy to steal some from you :grin: Still nothing from Venus but she’s looking awfully fat right now. I’m not sure if it’s food or eggs but i’m hoping for the latter. I doubt it though. I’m starting the think Pluto might be unable to breed due to only having one pedipalp, although i’ve seen a video of a successful pairing with a male having only one pedipalp so idk.

Awh nooo!
Is it worth you trying again? X

Today I saw something running across the floor…

Looks like a baby escaped! I checked all tubs and all there. So this bab has been out for 6 days wondering about on its own! :joy:
It’s a keeper haha


I did try again maybe a week and a half ago. Venus might be preparing to lay eggs but i’m not sure. I made a post about it in my thread so i don’t take over yours.

I love this! I would definitely keep a baby if it found it’s way to me after a few days. It’s just meant to be!


A couple of them are starting to leave the clump!


Well over 100 there! Good luck :face_holding_back_tears::black_heart:


Oops! I meant to put that on my thread lol. :man_facepalming:


I want an update! How are your babies doing?


Unfortunately most haven’t made it :pensive:

I spoke to a few breeders about the amount of spiderlings back along as obviously a lot less than they should have.
No known reason it seems, could just be genetics.
So I’m assuming only the strongest are gonna make it too. Also known with regals of random deaths too… Mis moulting and passing and all…
Have another sack now, just taken out yesterday but keeping all together this time to see if that works better…

Gutted but we all learn somewhere. First i3 I have now though and got lil markings already :smiling_face:


I’m sorry to hear that. :worried:

Might have just been a bad sac for some reason. It’s hard to know why, I’m sure there’s lots of possible reasons, but it likely happens in the wild as well. That’s (one reason) why spiders have so many babies, and often make multiple sacs from a single pairing. I doubt it was because of anything you did wrong.

Hopefully you have better luck with your next sac(s)!


Thankyou! Ones left are doing well! Very big now :sweat_smile:

And new sack I’m doing differently, I’ve kept all together for now and they’re everywhere it’s amazing seeing them all at once eating :joy:


You guys, in the last 8 days, 3 of my Phiddipus girls surprised me when babies came zooming out of their enclosures! (My P. ardens, P. morpheus, and P. carneus.) I’ve been wanting to post about it but I’m legit too busy caring for a zillion slings to post anything in detail. :joy:
So I get where you’re coming from dude!