Jumping spider hunting

Went hunting for jumping spiders in my back yard! lots of cute little guys this time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great photos!!

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I love the third one! He is posing for the picture lol :joy:.

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Where do you look for them at? Can you usually find a good number each time? I might try this and test my camera’s macro abilities.

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I found this little baby at work today :heart:
So precious

And another


Me and my daughter found this girl on the canoe launch by my home. We let it go in the bushes so other canoe people would not kill her. I am not a big fan of spiders but I can appreciate them.


All the species seem to have their favorite places to stay. Some species i find on the side of my house, some I’m more likely to find in long grass, some in bushes or small trees, some in dirt or mulch. If you take a few minutes each day and just walk around your yard you’ll start to notice them and learn where you’ll find the most. I’m usually out walking around about an hour every day and i usually find around 5 or more, so a decent amount. You’ll find a lot more on a sunny day as well (in my experience)