June Newsletter!

This month we are empowering you with technology that was previously limited to a handful of elite breeders.

Offspring Groups

Offspring Groups

Offspring Groups is a new system for tracking and showcasing your clutches and litters. It’s a great way to impress prospective customers with your breeding projects and even answer some of their questions.

We created this video with what you need to know.

Animal Manager Upgrades

  • Custom Tags now allow you to define your own labels to group and organize your animals in whatever way you choose.
  • Gallery View (shown above) provides a photographic presentation. Card View is great on mobile devices. These are new options in addition to Table View, which is great for editing on desktop.
  • Last, but not least, the Animal Manager is now available for ALL MorphMarket users, not just sellers. In the future, you’ll be able to transfer animal records right into your customer’s collection.

Other Updates

  • Increased image sizes . No more resizing. You can upload images up to 30MB with no megapixel limitations.
  • Transparent image support . This is especially important for your brand logo. We recommend a square 500x500 format for your store.
  • No price increases. We know inflation is causing your costs to skyrocket. Good news, we are holding membership rates right where they are this summer.
  • Restocked hats . After many supply chain challenges, our online store has been restocked.

In the Laboratory

Here’s what our engineers are working on now:

  • In Search Of Alerts to get notified when your Saved Searches have new results.
  • Mobile Notifications to send inquiry conversations straight to your phone.
  • Automatic Generation of Animal IDs which are customizable.
  • Redesigns of Animal Search, Trait Index, Store Search.
  • Orders & Payment management through the site (optionally).
  • Help System with Videos to make our site easier to use.

User Feedback

A few recent comments that made our day:

Just when I think your site could not be more efficient, you go and prove me wrong. I’m duly impressed with the efficiency of your platform. Thank you VERY much. — Don Soderberg, South Mountain Reptiles

MorphMarket is such an important lifeline for so many of our businesses and so to have your company allowing us to use your platform for this [charity auction] not only alleviates the stresses of being flagged and shut down during the event but also just opens up a more familiar place for people to easily donate. We are so grateful for you and your teams help, John!! — Erin Ashley


It’s an exciting time of the year with many babies hatching out. Thank you for letting us be part of your passion!

We look forward to seeing some of you at the Reptile Super Show in Anaheim, California next month.

Don’t work too hard and enjoy your summer. :slight_smile:

John & Team


It seems @John missed this one off of the list, this is my favourite of all time … Again from Don.

"MorphMarket is like going on a cruise. The attendants seem to read the minds of passengers, there with a towel before we even spill the drink. That’s MorphMarket . "


This is one of the things I’m really looking forward to!


I agree, all of these updates are super exciting, but this is one I’ve been thinking about a bit. It would be super useful to be able to see lineages throughout different sellers and be able to reduce inbreeding in pairings (especially with rare species or new genes)