Jungle Morph or abnormality

So I would like to start by saying that I am a hobbyist breeder. In all of my adds I say that these animals are PETS ONLY and not to be used as breeders because I am not 100% positive of their genetics. That being said, can anyone tell me if this hatchling is just a normal morph leopard gecko with an abnormal pattern, or is it a jungle morph. The father, second picture, is a Tremper Albino that has has created Mack Snow Tremper albino young. The mother, third picture, is (to my knowledge) just a normal morph. This is her first year breeding. Let me know what you think

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Sorry the post won’t let me edit this but the first and the third picture are switched. 3rd is hatchling. 1st is mother

I presume that the little one is the baby, in my opinion the baby is an aberrant normal morph. The broken pattern occurs only in his back and for this reason, the baby should be considered as Aberrant Normal morph.

Again, this is my opinion, ok?