Jungle python color change

Hello, i was wondering what i should expect as this guy grows. Will he retain the orange, or will it change color? He is a palmerston jungle carpet python. The breeder said the eye color will change quickly, but i was wondering if anyone knows what usually happens as they age. Pic used with breeder permission (mods pm for confirmation if needed)


It will change with sheds and it will probably turn more yellow but I’m not sure about that line in particular I’m no expert

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A shame. The orange is very nice haha, but the black and yellow also looks great, so ill like it either way :slight_smile:

Why not just ask for pictures of the parents from the breeder?

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That would be the smart way of doing it now wouldnt it? Haha. They keep lineage charts, but the 2020 charts arent up yet, so figured id have to wait. You however make a might fine point that i can simply ask xD