Just a picture of my snake 🐍

Here’s a picture of my rosy boa, nothing controversial.

Im going to sign off for a while. I still may use MM to aquire a new snake or 2 maybe an interesting scorp if i come across an interesting one. Im interested in knowing if Septres baby pips and maybe a few others posts but im done here. Take care y’all :v:


Why arent you going to continue posting on here, just curious. I like pictures of everyones reptiles as they grow so hope to see more from you in the future.


Overall, you’ve brought a lot to the community. You’ve provided a lot of useful information about scorpions, and I’ve loved seeing all the pictures you’ve posted of your reptiles and inverts. Most of us have posted some controversial things, the whole point of controversy is to learn more about the animals we keep and try to improve our husbandry and knowledge about them, nobody intended to insult anybody. I would prefer that you stay here, but if you do decide to leave, hopefully you’ll consider coming back sometime.


Don’t take anything too seriously on here. We’re all quite opinionated, and often enough, also wrong lol. What the community needs is people who provide and engage in content and you’ve been doing just that. We wouldn’t want to pressure you to stay but if you’ve been bothered by the (occasionally intense) discourse lately, keep in mind we’ve all been bickering on here for years and we still support each other despite our differing opinions.


Well said and agreed


I’ve apparently missed something, but whatever it was I am sorry that it happened. You’ve added so much richness here!! I for one have been delighted to get to know you and your crew. I hope you stay, or take whatever time you want away and return. Soon.

Here’s a reason to hang around and at least keep an eye on things. Others this season have pipped on days 61-64.