Just Anaconda?

Hi Happy New Year everyone

I’ve recently purchased this boy as a conda het toffeebelly (cannot find out the parentage). Is there something else going on with him do you think?


Can we get a picture of his belly as well?


Wow! Whatever that is, it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t expect a conda to be that light, but it could just be a funky looking one. I could also for sure see some hypo in there.


Thanks for the replies guys. He just ate last night so I’ll get the belly shot in a day or so.

Hypo conda het toffebelly, though you can only prove that for sure by breeding. Nice snake, good purchase. It would help to see the belly, but I’m almost positive that what my guess was is the morph.

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Sorry I was in hospital for a couple of days. I’ve taken a photo of his belly for you. Thanks for your help.

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He looks too light in color to be a just a conda I would think hypo conda

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I wouldn’t be so sure that there’s hypo at play anymore. Even with the conda, a hypo belly shouldn’t be that jet black.


I agree. Just a really nice conda from what I can tell. Belly is way too black to be hypo. I thought at first maybe he was toffee belly conda instead of just het, which is why I wanted to see the belly. Stellar example of an anaconda though.

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