Just bought my first retic!

She’s a 75% “Super Dwarf” platinum retic, and I’m excited as heck about it!
The pairing was F1 Kayuadi to 50% Jampea Platinum Sunfire.
It’s too dang hot to ship her just yet, but here she is!

We’re going to get a pair of 100% Kayuadis next year, assuming everything works out.


So, apparently this post belongs in “Giant Snakes” not “Pythons” even though it’s a Super Dwarf?

I don’t think the community’s category taxonomy is very well thought out, clear, nor intuitive. Y’all are going to moderate this place to death, if you haven’t already. I say that out of love, and in total seriousness.


Yay! She’s a beaut! :star_struck:


For the moment yes, this does belong in the giant snakes category but that is because, as you mention, our category taxonomy is not very well thought out, clear, nor intuitive.

" #giant-snakes will make your post show up in the Reticulated Python section of the marketplace, whereas #pythons will make you show up in Carpet Pythons and such.

This is something we are discussing making changes to. However with each category being linked to a category on the marketplace its not just a quick and easy switch, especially with the now 1000s of topics to move.

What I’m trying to say is, it may seem like madness but there is method to it… ish :wink:


Congrats! Our Kalatoa SD is just starting to get some size on her and she’s a pleasure to keep. Keep us updated!


Wow she is beautiful :heart_eyes:


She is super nice! I’m a big fan of the platty gene in retics!


That helps! Thanks @eaglereptiles I’m not actually upset at anyone here directly, to clarify, I’m merely confused and projecting that confusion onto an imaginary “normal” user. I appreciate the transparency in your reply, and I tip my hat in your direction. I think there is data to support the idea that most folks would simply leave without saying anything, and I want this forum to catch fire, in a good way.

P.S. I know there’s no such thing as a normal user, we’re all individuals with nuance and hidden expertise. User Stories, in the software development sense, are always fictional.


Stunning! She has amazing contrast! I would love to have all the 100% locality retic forms someday. I’m pushing to get 100% Kayuadi’s by next year, and I’m on the long waiting list for pure Karompas. Assuming that the guy working with them will ever take my stinkin’ money for some. (I’m patient, Garrett, I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I am)

I’m trying to hunt down small breeding groups of several under-described endemic forms, in and outside of the Python world. Locality is not just for L. alterna, finally.

All of the endemic fauna in the Wallacea bio-region are facing extinction by climate change, and the snakes of that region are among the most interesting to me. If you, unknown reader from the future, know what I mean; You know what I mean. If you don’t, it’s time to do some research!

Dang it, I ranted again.

Finally got her!
(Three female pythons, three different species from three different sellers were picked up today)

We have named her Veronica Lake.

Pic with swag, because they are going the extra mile over there. I feel like I got what I paid for, for sure.


She looks incredible

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She’s Awesome!! :star_struck:


Thats a beautiful retic. You can absolutely see the dwarf influence in her for sure!


Beautiful! I would get one myself, but they’re illegal for no reason in my state :unamused:


Was thinking of making a move to ABQ, NM, but apparently Retics, and even Coastal Carpet Pythons are banned in addition to all the giant snakes. But venomous are fine? Very confused by it at this moment. I guess I’m gonna have to start a lobbying group to change their reptile laws before I move there. Somehow…

What? Coastal carpet pythons? Why?

It probably has to do with the size potential that they have.

Yeah, I get that, but I just don’t think they should be entirely illegal!

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Maybe grandmas in NM are afraid big snakes could eat their chihuahuas? :joy: I don’t think most giant snakes could even live there if they got out.


As we all know, some laws are stupid. There are a few large Coastal specimens near Brisbane, but the 12 foot number I have seen in various places doesn’t happen often, if at all. It’s like assuming the average human is the size of Shaquille O’Neill or Andre the Giant, then writing laws on that assumption, it’s super goofy to me. Although I suppose some carpet pythons and Bredl’s could be invasive to an area like NM, only Coastal Carpets are banned so I have to assume they have an arbitrary stopping point based on length.

Chillin’ here for now, where I can have giant snakes if I want.

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