Just clowning around

Finally the first 2020 clutch of BP is hatching (about time)


Can’t wait to see that little beauty out of the egg.


:heart_eyes: I second that.

Them bubbles give it spider eyes :joy: and is it just me or does that little speck on the right of the egg look like a perfect star?


:joy: :joy: :joy: i didn’t even notice the little “star” at first and now i can’t not see it when i look at the pic

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Great odds to start the season, best of a 9 eggs clutch from Banana Clown (female maker) to Lesser Het Clown


They are absolutely stunning Deb. :heart_eyes:


Very nice! Congrats!

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Very nice!

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Absolutely Beautiful!! Congratulations :star_struck:


Wow, so gorgeous!!

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Coulrophilia is real you know!!! Now where did I put my meds… I gotta stop looking at any thread that says clown in it before I’m homeless!

Can I have them all please :face_with_thermometer::face_with_thermometer:

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I love the one with the deep black in it, which genes does that have?

Just a clown no other gene involved ;), I have always worked with reduced pattern clown so it has paid off over the years.

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Getting me excited for my clown clutch! ill be looking for a male clown with a dark gene involved soon. Have my female almost to size

Beautiful babies, can’t wait to prove out my hets!!

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I cant wait to start breeding haha, now that ive decided on it, every day is agony haha. Its gonna be a long 2 years xD i just hope i can make some patterns with carpets like you guys do with balls! They are so cool! What do you guys even look for when choosing breeding pairs to try and make new morphs and patterns?

First I pick what I really want to work with, with so many mutations you can’t work with all of them, because if you do you easily get distracted and lose focus, so I work with Pied and Clown and their combos, and than I pick the best example I can find, when it comes to clown for me it’s all about reduced pattern (obviiusly beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some people might prefer busy ones)

The key is selective breeding.

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Hmmm… thats interesting. With a name like “clown” i would expect the goal to be many bright colors. What is the overall attributes that makes the clown morph? (This is not me at all judging your choices, you should always shoot for what you feel looks best, after all, its your work and your creation you are working towards) but id love to learn more about all the different morphs, so i figure the best person to ask about each would be the person who specializes in each one! And what is pied? Is it like piebald? (I probably spelt that wrong)

Clown is a simple recessive gene and yes Pied stand for Piebald (also a simple recessive), and like with any mutation you can add colors or pattern depending on what your goals are.

You can read about both here Morph Encyclopedia (In Progress)

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Thanks for the link, ill give it a read :slight_smile: