Just did a bad thing.. Meet ‘Barb’

Here she is. She’s a big chunk considering only ever fed on Pangea original with insects, wouldn’t take insects but I mean she’s 59g so that’s been fine! And she’s actually larger than my 2 biggest girls! Not weight wise just size! :joy:
She’s got some random large spikes on her sides too. My daughter called her Barb (From the Trolls World Tour Movie) :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:


She’s awesome, good job! I love the name, do you plan on breeding her? Is the gray color a morph? What morph would she be classified as?


She goes more grey so unsure which is fired or unfired right now :sweat_smile:
But it’s just the colour of her, I have zombies who’s dark grey so compared to her she’s very pale!
She’s a Dalmatian with ink spots!
And yeah, she was going to go with Greg my red and cream Dalmatian but since she’s got the long side spikes and Spike has the furry/fuzzy trait I’m wondering if he is a better option to see if it would influence the extreme furry/fuzzy trait you can get…


Considering Barb only likes the original Pangea, she sure is smashing other flavours here :joy:
Still not eaten any insects yet and I’ve even offered her wax worms! But I do put crickets in the viv so she’s always got the option!
(Unless the other pigs see them first!) :joy:

Glad to know my Crestie Strawberry isn’t the only fussy eater, but I’m even happier to know that Cresties can get big even if they don’t eat many insects.

I am going through all the flavours too see which flavour Strawberry eats and doesn’t eat.

I’ve ordered typical flavour on the reptile supplies to see if that works. Hopefully will arrive soon :crossed_fingers:

I might do a selection buy if I don’t get much luck out of the options I’ve got available


I was told she wouldn’t touch insects, they’ve tried other flavours and Barb would only touch original with insects. She’s around 3 and 60+g. So for only being on Pangea that’s good! So I wouldn’t worry too much.
She’s loving the fig here and will be trying another flavour tonight! But no to insects. She did lick a few though so maybe she will give in here with the being in constantly!
Corpse will only eat insects. So that’s the pain with him :sweat_smile: I’ve tried everything, maybe the new gecko diet will tempt him? :upside_down_face:

Yeah that’s what we did, now we just get different flavours and switch it up as they like them all, well… Corpse still says no thanks. :woman_facepalming:t2:

What are your girlies all weighing now? :blush:

Cheeky Cresties :rofl:

Strawberry is 32 grams. I haven’t weighed Gingerbread Latte recently but she was 30g a month ago or so, both are 2 years old.

Gingerbread Latte has recently upped her appetite and she is eating more than any of my other Cresties so I’m hopeful for some more weight gain :crossed_fingers: I’m hoping to weigh her soon.

Strawberry won’t touch fig & insects but Gingerbread Latte loves it.

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Good weight, laid any duds for you yet?

Oh ideal! So she may be the first to breed for you! Who’s she going with? :blush:

That might be the first cresties I’ve known over than my fussy boy not to touch it! Smells blooming amazing :joy:

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They both appeared to have lumps in their tummy which disappeared and that’s when Gingerbread Latte decided to start eating lots but i cannot find any eggs! I’m going to try again soon but I’ve got a bad back ATM so things are a little difficult. Plus I figured I wouldn’t need to rush.

I do think Gingerbread Latte will be the first to breed she has a selection of males to choose from but I’m not sure which one to start with :thinking:

I think the fig smells great, but Strawberry literally tuned her nose up at it

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Oh blimey, searched everywhere? I literally have to remove plants which is why I stopped putting loads at bottom :joy:
No rush no, and hope it gets better for you!
If laying that’s when it’s a nightmare to put the weight on too! Like with Dolly, she’s been laying so I’ve been feeding her lots of bugs’ :sweat_smile:

Ooh, you’ll need to add pics of her and the potential males! Will be great to see who you choose to go with her, it’s just deciding! Still deciding with Barb! She’s only been here a week so no rush just have 2 males and I don’t know who to pick :joy:

She’s a weird gecko to say no to that! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks, everything just has to go wrong all at once!

They have both been checking out their lay boxes last few weeks, so I’m hopeful.

I was hoping to try and check for eggs tomorrow, but kids are going to be at home now :astonished: so that’s not going to happen.

I’m going to try pangea watermelon tonight to see if Strawberry likes that flavour :crossed_fingers: I think she may not like that I give her different flavours, so once she settles on a flavour I’m going to keep her to that flavour for a while to see I that makes a difference. She isn’t good with change!

I will add pics, closer to when I think she will be ready. But I’m not getting my hopes up yet

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Usually when they start laying duds people say they can breed. I still wait though personally!

Oh bummer, maybe Tuesday! Let us know if you find any!

Ah that’s a good one! Some can be fussy on flavours, I’ve just persisted a lot and they usually give in :joy: Other than Corpse the git. I swear he’ll forever been a pain in my backside :joy:

Same, I’ve had other Cresties be a pain, but Strawberry is next level. She’s a stubborn gecko, but she happily moves around in her enclosure and is the nicest Crestie to hold so I’m not worried, just annoyed because I really want to breed her.

I would recommend taking everything (and everybody) out and taking out substrate little by little, I was in the same situation as you and when I went to redo my terrarium (that housed 1.2 geckos) I found 11 eggs and 1 shell that I had accidently killed (by flooding the substrate and then having to make new substrate by which they would have died being submerged).

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I have now checked, it was a long process but no eggs! I’ve now got a camera on Gingerbread Latte’s enclosure to try to keep an eye on her.

She hasn’t been paired yet & I’ve had her since she was little so in theory they should not be viable eggs, OMG I would of dug that up straight away if I thought there were baby cresties in them, regardless of pain or children!

On a positive note… I bought new food for Strawberry and she is eating a little more, not as much as I’d like but more than before so hopefully she will start gaining weight soon :crossed_fingers: still no to insects though :disappointed: