Just hatched this beauty.. Hurricane combo!

Hey guys! First thread here, looking forward to seeing MRC grow! Currently hatching is a clutch from my Hurricane Yellow Belly male to my Pewter Spotnose female.

First one out is this mighty handsome Hurricane Yellow Belly Spotnose Cinnamon male. Exactly what I wanted to hit in this pairing! So stoked.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


I think its awesome!!! Congrats!!!

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Can’t wait to see the rest of the clutch.

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Thank you!! I’ll post more photos after shed but looks like I ended up with

1.0 Hurricane Spotnose Yellow Belly Cinnamon
0.1 Hurricane Spotnose Yellow Belly
0.3 Spotnose (Yellow Belly) Pastel
0.1 Pastel (Yellow Belly)
0.1 Normal

And 0.0.1 White snake that pipped then died. Wonder what it was?