Just joined the hobby

Am just starting in the ball python hobby as I have been in the breaded dragon hobby for a while as am looking to get into it was seeing if anyone had some good females they would sale for a good price for serious buyer and any advice is good to thank you hope to hear something soon


Welcome to the community! We don’t allow wanted or for sale ads on here but I can direct you to the marketplace. You can find adult female ball pythons here. If you want to save money I recommend buying hatchling females now and they will be ready to breed in a couple years. If you don’t want to wait you can buy adult females but those will be much more expensive.
If you’re looking for advice on breeding you can use the search function on here and look for any questions you might have. If you can’t find an answer you can make a new thread asking about it.


Check out MorphMarket market place! :grin:


Okay sorry for the post and thank you for the advice


It’s not a problem. If you want to you can make an #introductions post about yourself. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. :grin:


Thank you so much


Welcome :metal:t2:. Their are some good videos and live streams on YouTube to join in on with a lot of good advice and tips


I am new too, welcome to ball pythons and the forum :slight_smile:
When you check morphmarket I would suggest:

1, first research, research, research. then decide what type of ball pythons you want to get into.
2, read this Wondering how to buy? and Researching Sellers
3, ask for more pictures (If they state no wobble on a spider or similar - ask for a video)
4, research and Surch the type by age. The age of the picture and type of snake is everything.
Many ball pythons change brightness and colour with age. Hatchling pictures may not represent what you get or what it will eventually look like.
5, Look at their sold animals as well as whats for sale now.
6, Visit to pick up if you can to check out the set up and quality of animals rather than delivery.
7. ask any questions here