Just out of curiosity!

How long should I wait before holding my new juvenile ball python? I would like to observe her body to make sure everything is ok… I’ve now had her for 2 days!

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Did you look her over when you first got her to make sure she was ok? Then I’d let her be until she’s eaten a few meals, they need time to settle in before you stress them out

Yes i was able to handle her before buying her but I’ve been having issues with getting the temperature right it’s been kind of high and I just now figured out my problem. And oh I see so definitely give her about a week or two?


I personally allways give a week of not handling after I acquire a new animal.

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Omg am I mean, I handle from day 1. Then again I handle all my reptiles from day 1… Though I’ve never had an issue doing this myself…

Blaze was left alone for a week after a few handlings only due to him being feisty and me working with him to stop that, but I can’t wait til next week for my little girl to join, I won’t not be able to handle her :grimacing::sweat_smile:


My rule for new ball pythons, especially juveniles is to give them a week to settle in. Then offer food if the eat great wait a day or two after feeding. Then handle and enjoy them. If they don’t eat after the first week wait another week and repeat. Ball pythons can be easily stressed by a new home, but once they feel confident enough to eat you should be good.


I agree to wait a week minimum without disturbing (to feed, handle, change something, it can wait), if it’s an especially stressed animal it’s better to wait two weeks. Best case scenario would be to feed on day 7 and then wait a few meals before handling.