Just saying hello

Hi guys, my name’s Tom and I’m from Manchester, UK.
Since being a young child I have been into reptile and always been awe struck whenever a friend or whatever pulled out a lizard or snake, but ive only recently got into the hobby for myself.

As a birthday present a few years back I asked my wife for a corn snake, I let her go to the pet shop and choose so that it was her gift and not something I just bought myself. The guy in the pet shop talked her out of the corn and let her leave with 2 juvenile Boa Constrictors without telling her much about them.
When she came home with then I was so underprepared I can’t explain. I had one 3 foot Viv and enough equipment for just the one snake, let alone two that would grow to 5-6foot+.

Since then I have built two 6ft3ft3ft Viv’s and spend out on each ones equipment and buying spares if each should something fail. I’m planning soon to purchase my first python (I love the piebald gene and pretty much everything I’ve saw it mixed with) and get a collection of beautiful snakes going.

My plan for the future is to open up my own reptile store (equipment, substrates, frozen/live food) locally to myself and online.

I’m probably just going to be a lurker on here more than anything for a while but I’m always up for a conversation or learning so say hi if your bored.


Welcome Tom and lurking on here is always a given, ha-ha.

I can only imagine your surprise to the two boas and not a corn snake :rofl:

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Thank you Anna, It was a huge surprise.

I’ve refused to return to that store simply based on her trip there. They never asked her if she had any previous experience with snakes, let alone a constrictor. Never once asked about how they would be housed or even if they had heating, thermostat and so on ready.

Looking back I’m glad i was dropped in at the deep end in terms of size as it made me rush into learning anything and everything available and made me panic buy equipment as spares.

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So much for “lurking”, eh? Another deep end. Welcome!