Just what is this Morph?

Hello everyone! I bought this guy 6 months ago (first picture is from when I got him) and I’ve really been questioning his morph. He was sold to me as a Murphy’s Patternless, but the seller at the show told me they got him in a recent trade from another breeder and couldn’t tell me much. He is roughly 3 years old now and weighs 88g. (Last photo)

I was confused at first, but decided to go along with the seller. Now though, I have seen Diablo Blancos listed that look extremely similar to him. The only thing throwing me off now is his few little “beauty marks”. I’ve seen so many conflicting descriptions of Diablo Blanco that I’m not sure what is what.

Is he in fact a Murphy’s Patternless? Diablo Blanco? Blazing Blizzard? None of the above?


@erie-herps @mblaney
May be able to help.

I assumed the brown marks were paradoxing :blush:


Ah! Paradox! I didn’t even think of that. :sweat_smile:


I’ve no good info other than saying he’s a handsome joker isn’t he?


Definitely not a Diablo Blanco as he’s not an albino. He’s either a Blizzard or Patternless with Paradox spots. No way to know which one aside from the assurance of the dealer or test-breeding. He’s so handsome with those beauty marks- I love Paradox spotting! :heart_eyes:


Thank you! I was so thrown off when looking at other morphs that I just wanted a better understanding. I don’t plan to breed him since I focus on AFTs, but it’s still nice to know! And yes, he is very handsome. It’s why I got him even though there wasn’t much known about him. The spot on the tip of his tail looks like a tree to me! :deciduous_tree:


Omg it really does!

I can’t help, but he really is super handsome! I had no idea Leo’s had paradoxing, but it gives him so much charm!

What is his name? :blush:


His name is Camelot. :blush: He is very feisty, and LOVES to eat.



That’s such a perfect name!

I think Leo’s are mostly garbage disposals. Mine only comes out of her rock if she thinks she will get food. :woman_facepalming:t2:

We must see your fatties! :purple_heart:


He’s either a murphy’s patternless or blazing blizzard. My blazing blizzard also has a light marking on it.
Here’s a picture of it:


I think I’m going to stick with what I was told when I got him, Murphy’s Patternless but add Paradox. Plus Eclipse? He has solid black eyes.


I’ll post pics of my upcoming breeding group when I have the chance. :blush:


If his eyes are 100% solid black, there are two possibilities (not including morphs that are extremely uncommon & very unlikely, e.g. BAE). First he could be an Eclipse + Patternless-or-Blizzard. Or, he could be a Blizzard that was born with black eyes- I know this sounds nuts, but sometimes Blizzards who are not Eclipses have solid black eyes. Insofar as I know, the ‘Black-Eyed-Blizzard-but-not-Eclipse’ animals always have 100% solid black eyes and never a Snake-Eyed appearance.


Yup, his eyes are 100% black. Hence why I was so confused on what he was. Thank you for all your help!


Okay, varying levels of cooperation here, but these are the three AFTs I am excited to use for a group next year.

This is Chocolate: Zero 100% het Oreo/Patternless 66% het Ghost. A very good, very calm boy. (Ignore the specks on his tail, he decided to crawl through his calcium bowl right before I picked him up. :sweat_smile:)

This is Cookie: Whiteout Patternless 100% het Oreo/Ghost. Also a good girl, very photogenic.

This is Crème: Whiteout Oreo Patternless. She is…very mobile when it comes to handling, hence the container.


Camelot is very handsome and I always enjoy seeing fattie love. I think they’re a super underrated gecko. They’re beautiful :smile:

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