Just when I turn off the incubator

I thought my season was over. My last clutch hatched, no one else has been paired, open up Cappacinos bin and I see a glowing noodle. WTF noooooo. I dont need anymore het Tristripes which would be retained sperm situation. I dont need any more hatchlings period. So hopefully i got Posidian in time. He is a visual pied. So hopefully pied babies. ( she is het pied) She had 29mm follicles.

I think my success this past year, is due to better quality racks and tubs. Every female that has laid was moved into the solid grey freedom breeder tubs. These tubs hold heat and humidity much better. The new racks are commercial made racks. Also since they are dark burrow like they are sheilded from household activity making them more comfortable. I am feeding less often partly because of supply issues, and i am not trying to breed right now. Economy isnt good, rat supply isnt good so not trying to add too it, but these noodles have other plans.

I am happy with my success really. I finally have this figured out. I have started breeding my own rodents which helps a ton. My brother is moving out so i get my reptile room which will also increase success. Temps and humidity can be controlled better in a smaller space. Good things happening around here.