Juvenile Ball Python Belly Burst: All I Know!

As a clarification, what I described above as “palpating” was not forceful, it was the same level of pressure I would use palpating a female to check for follicles - the weight of the snake on your fingers is all the force that is being applied


Checking on her this morning I am not continuing treatment. She is basically unresponsive and can’t hold her head up on her own. She is giving tiny tongue flicks and barely moving when turned upside down. Her head has a light twitch when left unsupported. I’m planning on putting her down to prevent undue suffering. I’m going to let the vet and her breeder know what happened as well. I do still plan on having the maggots looked at to just determine maggot or parasite and if the flies are fungus gnats or not.


Sorry again Blue. Thank you for sharing. Let us know if you find out a likely ID on them or where they came from.


I am so sorry to hear that


I’m sorry you have to go through this, my heart goes out to you and Your animal.


I’m sorry for your loss.
But at least you did everything you could for her.


Sorry that this has happened to you and your animal Just take comfort in the knowing that you have done your best providing comfort and care and soon its suffering will be over with.


I can’t imagine how hard it could be to make a topic like this. Thank you for sharing this unfortunate event with us. I hope you’re doing ok and wish you the best.
I’m also glad you brought this to light to let us know of something that many of us haven’t experienced firsthand. It’s good to know these things can happen and what to do when they occur, because finding experiences like this can be difficult so any information, even as hard as it is to discuss, is good for our hobby.


Once the vet saw her he very much agreed that she had no chance and putting her down was the best for her. Once she passed the vet pushed out what was in her vent, it was urates, blood, and gore. After seeing that I was sure no treatment could have helped her. The wound in her belly showed much of the muscles and tendons in the area. Didn’t see the digestive tract (could have been behind the muscles) so that may have been the gore. She will be in the freezer until I can preserve her. Vet took a look and said the maggots were exactly that, maggots. Still not sure how it happened. One possiblity is infection turned rotten which attracted the flies and then maggots.

All reptiles are now being bathed, inspected, and tubs disinfected to prevent or find any others.


I’m so sorry you went through this. You did everything you could have; she was very lucky to have you.


BABY D: How can I tell if my Juvenile will have a belly button burst!? D:

You’ll find that they’re more than likely phorrid flies that colonized the open wound.

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