Juvenile BRB Tub with Mold/Mildew Smell

Hi all! Not exactly sure how to rectify this issue… But my baby BRB’s tub has that smell and I can’t pinpoint anything in the cage that it’s coming from. The substrate is coco husk and he’s go a couple of plastic hides. There is also a few small piles of sphagnum moss that I keep damp as well. I’ve got the humidity hovering around 80% and I know it’s higher in his hide boxes on both the warm and cool side of the hide.

So, where is the smell coming from? How to resolve this issue while keeping his humidity properly elevated? I’m considering throwing out all the substrate tonight and starting over. Just seems like it’s going to happen again because the humidity needs to be where it is.

Help!!! :slight_smile:

It’s probably the coco. It’s mold resistant, but no organic material will resist molding when optimal conditions are present. Dave Colling of Rainbows R Us keeps all his BRBs on paper with a large water tub and just maintains a high ambient humidity.

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Can you increase ventilation and keep the humidity up? If you can easily increase ventilation then adding a wide water dish and misting often should help keep humidity up. The increased ventilation should decrease/remove the smell.

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Yeah, I may need to go that route. Does the moss mold?

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The moss could mold but it’s unlikely. Where did you get the moss/what company is it from? If it does mold increasing the ventilation and/or adding springtails should help.

I honestly don’t recall… It’s a proven supplier that I found on Amazon.

I’ll increase the ventilation tonight.

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