Juvenile Green Anaconda Feeding Tips

Hello, i recently purchased a juvenile green anaconda and i am struggling to get him on food. I picked him up a little over 2 weeks ago and he is currently just over 3 months old. I have tried feeding him twice with no luck. His husbandry is on point. Temps during the day are 80-82deg on the cold side, 86-88deg on the hot side with a 90-92deg basking spot. Ambient temp at night stay around 80-83. Humidity is 60-70% at all times. He has a large water bowl that takes up 1/3 of his enclosure and the water temp stays between 80-85 at all times. He looks healthy with no signs of dehydration or malnutrition. The first feeding i got a live rat fuzzy with no luck, and i tried feeding him again this past sunday but got a f/t rat fuzzy and again no luck. He seems to have settled in nice as he spends a majority of the day basking or soaking in his water bowl.

Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated as id like to get him on food asap. Ive been holding off on handling him to limit stress until he eats but really want to start socializing him as he has a little bit of an attitude.


Perhaps 2 weeks is too short of a time to settle in. Maybe try in another week or so.

I don’t know the eating habits of Anaconda or any other snake except rosys. I know that my rosys are like garbage disposals and ate within 2 weeks and haven’t missed a meal yet. Some snakes can go for long periods without eating, i likely wouldn’t stress too much unless the snake refuses food for a while and loses weight.

Some people “brain” their mice so the scent is more enticing for them to eat. But i don’t know about Anaconda, whether they are picky eaters. Sorry i cannot be of more help.