Keeled belly lizards

I have a 18x18x18 and was wondering if I could keep a single keeled belly lizard in it.

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It would work well for a young one but an upgrade to a 24x18x36 would be required

ok thanks what other arboreal lizards could lice in a 18x18x18?

you could get-

  • trio of morning geckos
  • chameleon gecko (any of the species will work)
  • Chinese cave gecko (not arboreal but will climb)
  • Leaf tail gecko (most of the species would work)
  • pair or trio of indopacific tree gecko
  • pair or trio of the smaller day geckos
  • pair or trio of Bavayia Exsuccida
  • Bavayia Robusta

You could also get a pet only crested gecko that has a disability such as MBD

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I was looking at chameleon geckos and leaf tail and they seem super cool, but the leaf tails are a bit out of my budget :joy:

would a gargoyle work?

gargoyles get bigger than cresties but if you could find one with special needs (has MBD, missing eyes, deformed limbs, neurological issues, etc.) then it could work.