Keeping Humidity off Sliding Glass?

Hi, I have a BRB in a very humid Animal Plastics cage with sliding glass doors. The water is settling on the bottom tracks and I’d imagine will become a problem over time. Is there any treatment for the glass that works and is also safe for the reptiles? Is there another solution?


Ventilation is the only thing that’s going to make much difference. The glass is the coldest and least thermally efficient surface in the cage. Condensation only wants warm air and a cold surface. Simple problem to create, harder one to solve for sure.


Good info… I have all the vents blocked in this T8 cage and it’s still struggling to hold necessary humidity… I’m spraying it down every day… Another think is can add is a bigger water bowl with more surface area… I can add more moss I guess as well… The only venting is between the sliding glass doors. Just unsure if needing to spray it down each day is going to be the norm.