Keeping my crickets alive

I purchased an Zoo Med Labs nano breeze 10x10x12 enclosure for my crickets. I lay it on its side so the door is on top. The screen material is metal and pretty small mesh so the insects can’t squeeze through. Having the mesh enclosure has definitely increased their life expectancy. The enclosure eliminates the smell and the increased breathability eliminates the build up of ammonia which is deadly for them.

It was quick to put together once i understood the directions. The big downside to this enclosure is the bottom, the bottom just sits inside the enclosure but nothing holds it in place, i remedied this with some aquarium sealer. This makes for a nice feeder enclosure with a nice sized door for easy access.


Very nice! Is the bottom mesh? If so, do you put anything under it to catch the poop, or does it not fall through the mesh?

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I place paper underneath as the sides ( now the bottom ) their poop falls through. It keeps the enclosure much cleaner having the poop fall through. I probably wouldn’t put pinheads or 1/8" in just because they may be too small. The mesh is fine but i think those small ones could squeeze through.