Kilt snakes (Snake blog)

Nice bananas both of you. I do not have one yet.

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Cheers I love the bananas but there loads other I love to ,thinking some sort clown leopard and lavender albino to go with them

Ace just now he’s still a lil bit shy and scared compared to Floyd. Who lets me stroke his head

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These two are absolutely stunning, and your setup is lovely too! :heart:

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Thanks buddy ,already totally addicted got my first one just over month ago now I’m looking at number 3 to purchase ,gonna stick to the bananas I reckon I really like the bold colours patterns,I know they been bred a lot but I like them gonna purchase couple really nice females tho with a few more genetics in the mix so when they grown out ready to breed it will make more interesting ,really like Banana Enchi,clown,blade ,pied,lavender so the two females I’m gonna purchase are gonna have a mixture of these genetics

Thinking of purchasing this girl expensive but she’s got near enough all the genetics I like

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Sorry about the feed pictures didn’t notice the rule ,apologise


Floyd out for a scouer about now that lights are off

Very interesting.

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Are the logs the only “hides” you have?

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Yeah he’s under it all decay till dark

And you have a light on during the day?

Yeah have lights on from 7am till 7pm 2xday glow heat lamps 25watts each plus 2xnight glow hest lamps 25watt each that run 24/7 helps keep the ambient temp good all day and at night

Hate to be “that guy” but logs alone aren’t really the best hides. They look great and natural and pretty but a BP wants to be completely hidden not have light shining into its hide all day. Do what you think is best but just going off mine doing the exact same roaming behavior at night when I first got her for me it was definitely not having a good hide and having way too much light in there. She was searching for a safer place to hide during the only time she could…night. Yours could be different, but once I got her better (but less pretty) hides she started behaving like a BP.
Not saying ambient temp doesn’t matter at all…but having correct substrate temps and good hides where they’re virtually completely in a cave is probably more valuable than perfect 80 degree ambient air temp.

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I’m doing a lil experiment as I’m new to ball pythons so wanted to see what was best glass viv , heated with UTH and low watt canopy heat lamps to help with ambient temp ,versus a wooden viv with lee lights and a ceramic heat lamp just so when I upgrade to bigger tanks I can decide wat I like , so far reckon

I would Agree to disagree ,I read everything constantly from all aspects , ball pythons sleep all day which he does (being nocturnal) they wanna come out during the night look for food etc ,roam about , he had a hidden cave but I didn’t like it and he still done the same and came out at night.

Ok. Enjoy.

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Cheers tho I appreciate all views being new I like all views to the way how things could work , he’s feeding every 4 days ,shedding perfect , pooping ,sleeping during day and coming out at night so seems a happy ball python at the moment

how I had it setup at first

Floyd is such a chilled snake :snake: :heart: Already lost the head shyness .

Ace is starting to be more chilled now :blush: