Kilt snakes (Snake blog)

Hi there new to ball pythons and snakes in general , I’ve got two small setups both setup slightly diff just to see which way I prefer and what kind final vivs I’ll get for them

This is Floyd my Banna butter boy he’s in a exo terra glass viv using heat mats and low watt heat lamps .
Substrate is coconut husk ,he has plenty places to hide ho t and cool side

This boy is ace my banana Mojave boy ,he’s in a Vivexotic wooden viv using led lights and a ceramic heat lamp

Both have just shed and fed and doing well , had Floyd 4 weeks and ace since Thursday so I’m letting ace settle in he’s still really shy and scared getting usto his new home so I’m leaving him be so only got few pics of Floyd just now

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Welcome @kiltsnake to the community! I just love your snakes, and their habitats look very natural. My first ball python is a banana as well, and I’m super new too! I think bananas are just beautiful. Ace is just a handsome little dude!

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Would highly recommend a longer rather than taller cage. Ball pythons do not climb much and spend almost all their time on the ground. When they grown bigger you will definitely have to upgrade them. But welcome to the community either way!


I like the almost purple tone of the banana Mojave. Great two gene snake!

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Cheers buddy , yeah it’s totally addictive went into the shop and seen Floyd (Banna butter) I was like I want him then couple weeks later I was in the shop getting a few bits bobs and I seen ace and was like I want him to :joy: , I love the natural look as it allows them more places to hide and also looks good , little more work cleaning the poop out but it allows me to take them out and get to know them more Floyd is really placid even allows me to stroke his head

Yeah I plan to get longer no as tall ones once they are bigger ,only reason I have the taller one is the one I ordered to the shop got broken on delivery and he didn’t have the shorter one in shop so he gave me it for same price , yeah I’ve read loads about them and people saying they don’t climb if I had got ace first I would defo agreed but Floyd is out all time climbing the branches so guess Mybe some do and some don’t guess does no harm giving them the option ,thanks for the reply and any info is useful

Yeah I love his colour and pattern ,he’s a little more feisty than Floyd but soon as I seen him I wanted him ,was little more expensive aswell plan on getting my next one off here in couple weeks but not a banana ,thanks for the reply I’ll try get some pics of ace tonight if he wants to play as he’s just shed couple days ago and looks amazing

Some pics of Ace ,

He was a little chilled tonight less in a defensive ball shape and more open just love his colour and pattern

Floyd couple days after shed and feed ,

I said the same thing the first few weeks I had mine because at night she would be out and about the cage all the time and I even would put an extra log in at night propped up so she could climb on it but now I think it’s more likely she was exhibiting stress by trying to “find a better place to hide” because once I moved her into an enclosure with less light and better belly heat she doesn’t do that anymore. She never missed a meal so I didn’t think of it as stress but BPs act like BPs is what I’ve noticed since.
Do they climb around more when they’re very young, does anyone know?

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Floyd got two heat mats for belly heat ,heat lamps up top,cool hides ,warm hides but he still climbs up the logs he loves to explore , don’t get me wrong he ain’t always active he loves his hide on top the heat mats ,Mybe they do it more wen younger a dunno as I’ve never kept them before ,I’ve read folk say they like to climb and others say they don’t I’m just guessing it’s down to each snake a guess

Speak the devil lights out and Floyd decided to go for a climb

Very nice looking snakes! This is my banana pastave


Thanks buddy, minted snake you have , there so many to choose from but everyone says get wat you really like wat catches your eye a just love the bannana only had they 4 weeks in total and a want more :joy:

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I think snakes are like potatoes chips …you can’t have just one lol


If definitely could be and they are interesting to watch. I just don’t know if their brains work that way that they “love” to explore. I think they are more wired to be active if they are looking for a meal or looking for shelter but I definitely could be wrong.

I’m always watching for different behaviors with mine and trying to figure out if they mean anything, how much they “think” as opposed to just being instinctive and stuff. I love your setup tho I already have tubs and I do miss seeing them interact with the environment.