King Snake with Ball Python

Hi. I’m using a translator, so the sentences might be a little weird.

I have a Kingsnake and a Ball Python in the same room.
There are two types of kingsnakes: Brooks Kingsnakes and Mexican Black Kingsnakes.
I’m planning to breed kingsnakes this year.
But as you may know, kingsnakes need brumation to breed, right?

I’m worried that the temperature might be too low for the Ball Python and would cause problems such as RI.

Since I don’t have enough space, it’d be ideal to solve all the breeding in one room if possible.
Is it best to keep them in different rooms while brumizing?
Or are there other advice I can get with this issue?

thank you.

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You have to move the kingsnakes to a different room. Ball pythons need ambient (room) temperatures of 27-31 Celsius. Kingsnakes brumate at 7-13 Celsius. Those cold temperatures will kill a ball python long term.

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I’ll separate them. Thank you very much.