Kingsnake Breeding

Hi everyone so I was doing some research into breeding kingsnakes. I was looking to get some tips or advice from anyone that has some experience. I’m kind of getting a very mixed bag of information on the internet. Its something that I want to make sure I’m doing it right. Thanks in advance.


What kind of kingsnake?

If it’s a getula species this quick rundown will cover the major points.

You can either brumate or not. If you don’t I suggest food cycling by stopping feed for a month or so and then feeding aggressively for a few weeks to simulate winter/spring. Feed males and females both the day before. Watch them for a while when you put them in to make sure the female is receptive and that neither of them gets a food response. I don’t suggest leaving them together overnight if you don’t know whether or not they’re inclined to get hungry for a snake snack. The male will generally bite the females neck with getula so be prepared for that.


California King. So what would be the best way to brumate? I get the concept of what it is im just not sure what the best way to simulate the temperature drops? Also thanks for the help I appreciate it.

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They make units that you can do it with, some people have used wine, coolers with varying degrees of success. The easiest way is just to wait until winter time and put them in a space where you can maintain a temperature between 50 and 65°.