Kingsnake category [PENDING]

I think this site could draw a whole new range of buyers and sellers with some minor expansion. The best place to try and test this is in the ki gsnake section. This section should one day get reworked to not only include morphs…but to focus on the localities…captive bred only of course. That is where the interest is with most kingsnake fans. This site fails to draw the kingsnake people. Including a section where locality specific captive bred kings are sold would draw hundreds if not thousands of new buyers and sellers to this site. Thanks. Will Bird


Will thanks very much for the feedback.

We plan to begin a review of the genetics/organization of all existing areas of our site this year, and I have added your comment to our internal issue.


I feel like bull snakes and other underrated snake species like garters would have a wider selection.if they were also given a bit more light. For example, there are only a few garter selections at a time, and usually without morphs.