Kingsnake identification please!

Hi everyone! Just picked up this baby. Can anyone tell me what kind and/or what morph this Kingsnake is?


I’m not the best with Florida kings but Peanut Butter would be my guess. Perhaps @solarserpents would have a better idea.

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Sorry, I don’t really know king snake morphs! I know @deanaii has a couple of Florida kings, so he might know more.

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Looks like a nice, normal (wild-type) Florida Kingsnake to me. Beautiful! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much deanaii! Your expertise and confirmation that this is a normal Florida Kingsnake is very much appreciated. I was leaning towards Florida Kingsnake myself, but with all the variations and morphs, I just wasn’t too sure. Glad to have it positively identified - thanks again!

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