Kingsnake in racks?

This might be a newbie question, but I’m considering getting a kingsnake. We have space in a small rack (5 drawers), in a room with several other species of snakes. Will being in close proximity to other snakes agitate a kingsnake, since they’re ophiophagous?

I don’t have a kingsnake in a rack system but my Mexican black lives in a room with 14 other snakes and I’m sure he can smell them and see them. He’s never been anything other than his typical hateful self that wants to eat the world. I’d say you’d be fine.


I once bought a rack system with 5 king’s in it. They all seemed fine, friendly, and food loving. There was a hognose in it too but she wasn’t a problem either.

Only the male king was a problem since he was very food motivated and didn’t mind grabbing your hand lol.

All in all they were fine!


I’ve kept kings in tubs and they did just fine. My buddy has even bred them several times in racks so if you do the same by keeping them in racks they should do just fine.

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I think once the scent becomes status quo, the feeding response decreases. I have kings, and whenever I bring one of my bullsnakes into the room they are all ready to go. If the bullsnake stays in there a week or so, the kings sort of forget it’s there. Kinda like cooking fish, then leaving then coming home again… whew!