Kita of Spotted Scales

Hey gang. Decided to try being active here since I enjoyed the old forum days and I’ve been detached from facecrack for so long to avoid the keyboard warriors, consistent pointless fighting, and less-than-a-year-owner professionals running rampant there.

I am primarily known for my work with Tokay Geckos which I have been keeping since 2006 and breeding since 2009. I still have my first Tokay, Storm, from 20 years ago. Unfortunately I don’t have the numbers I used to since I had to cut way back to finish college and during that time I was able to expand into snakes for the first time. Needless to say I dove in deep and have kinda let my Tokays take a back seat to my new projects.

I have worked for both main chain pet stores as well as two mom-and-pop shops over the years so I have had access to a wide range of species including venomous. With my associates degree in warehouse management, I am working in distribution warehousing since the pet stores don’t pay enough for my expensive hobbies of statue/figure collectibles and reptiles.

My collection currently includes 75 snakes (minus 47 hatched this year) including Hognose, Balls, Boas, Corns, Asian Ratsnakes, and a few other miscellaneous such as my highly favored Oxybelis fulgidus pairs. I have 8 species of lizards and geckos, most being Tokays and African Fat Tails, 8 Tarantulas, 1 Scorpion, and a group of Moon Crabs. Oh and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that loves checking on all the critters, especially the rodents.

No human offspring, never married, and still the sole owner operator of my Spotted Scales business hobby. I work out of an impressively tetris-ed 10x20 building that this damn recession has majorly impaired upgrading from, but I will make it happen.

Here’s a little pic spam of some of my crew

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Nice diverse collection! What’s that first boa? Very pretty. Love your scaleless corn too!

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Love the pied retic around the waist pic! All are really great looking, even the warm blooded corgi!

Thank you! Eidolon is a Ghost Devil, IMG RDR Anery Hypo. Lol, I realized after posting that I accidentally selected the picture that cut off the head of my Moonglow boy

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Awesome collection, the snake in the picture above the crab is magnificent. Im wondering what king it is but my mind tells me nothing that cool looking is non-venomous haha. Gives me real bush viper vibes. Also welcome!

On a side note, im fairly new to all of this (about a year or two in) so if something in my knowledge is incorrect or you dont agree with, feel free to express your side, these forums are pretty good at avoiding the usual drama of facebook. Even if not everyone agrees with what you have to say, it is very rarely people berate eachother here, and i for one love to absorb knowledge and outside perspectives :). And with my limited experience, take what i say with a grain of salt, it is 90% anecdotal on what has worked for me as i kick and struggle my way through becoming a breeder haha (just under 30 snakes here, with my fair share of hickups i had to learn the hard way from)

You’re right, Nightshade is an African Variable Bush Viper, Atheris squamigera