KSB Won't Eat

I’ve had my KSB for two weeks now. I know that they can deny food whenever the mood strikes them. So far I have moved the food in his view, I’ve put him and the food in a deli cup and buried it under the substrate, I’ve put him with food in deli cup and turned off the light and left him alone for a while, and last night I tried uncovering him and leaving him in his enclosure while moving the food around him. He tends to just do some tongue flicks as though he might be interested, but never actually takes the food. If anyone can offer some tips I would greatly appreciate it.

What are you trying to feed now, I don’t have any KSBs but I know @westridge does

f/t pinkies

Do you know what he ate with his breeder? Maybe he needs live.

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He was eating live with the breeder. I was hoping that I could make the switch while he’s still young.

Don’t try to change two variables at once, get him feeding in his new enclosure with the same food the breeder was giving and then you can try switching to f/t. You are right that it’s easier to switch them when they’re young but you still have plenty of time to switch him.

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Thank you for the info. If he still doesn’t eat the live, then how would I properly dispose of it? Also, is there a specific way or certain products that I need to use when cleaning the feeding tongs? I’ve honestly just been using dish soap and hot water.

I don’t feed live but I know that @trnreptiles feeds live so she would probably know the answer to your questions. As far as cleaning the tongs I’d think that just using dish soap and hot water would be enough but I’d have someone else verify that.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate it.

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