Lady Death got an upgrade

This week I’ve been slowly doing my chores ( i do as much as i can before shortness of breath and fatigue set in ). Today i cleaned and upgraded Lady Death’s enclosure. ( Leiurus Quinquestriatus) i hated to disturb her but cleaning must be done. She wasn’t too happy with being moved but she didn’t try to sting, only threat posed, which is something i expect.

I took a few photos of her and of the enclosure. It is really hard to maintain under 50% humidity during this heat wave but I’ve been doing it.

Im going to wait a day or 2 so she can dig up the enclosure how she wants before feeding her. She is likely too stressed out to eat now.


And then there were babies 2 days later :exploding_head: for being gravid ready to drop and going through a tank change of substrate and decorations she was actually really tolerant of me, perhaps she is use to me, she really wasnt overly aggressive, she kinda did a threat display but it wasn’t believed :joy:

Here’s momma with her new babies in her lig hide.